I’m the founder and owner of NetworkingWithBecky.com, and the Beacon Center®, a meeting and event venue rental company that strives to provide affordable services to the Las Vegas community.

As a business strategist, community builder, and professional networking consultant, my approach draws from my background in serial entrepreneurship, casino management, sustainability, and my previous experience of owning and operating BCN (Business Connections Nevada), a local business and referral networking group.

My two biggest passions in the business world are my commitment to providing my clients with outstanding customer service, and connecting entrepreneurs with the right people to help them make their businesses more successful. I love making powerful connections, building meaningful relationships, and contributing to people’s joy and success.

I’ve held prominent leadership roles in a host of non-profit organizations — from starting Girl Scout Troops (many moons ago) to managing youth ministries across the country where I used to live in various cities on the East Coast — and I genuinely believe in giving back to the community and playing an active role in our city to help strengthen it through connection. After all, it truly takes the power of togetherness to achieve long-standing success as an entrepreneur and small business owner in this ever-evolving desert.

As a proud President’s Club Member of the Vegas Chamber, I also serve as a volunteer Ambassador, guiding new members to maximize their membership benefits and investment.

Las Vegas Entrepreneurs who are Vegas Chamber Ambassadors

Current Vegas Chamber Ambassadors

As an ambassador, I passionately share my personal success stories as a member and introduce newcomers to local networking events and Vegas Chamber resources. Book a free 15-minute virtual coffee chat with me to explore membership benefits.

What Makes Working With Me Different Than Other Coaches?

My services are exclusively for genuine entrepreneurs and experienced small business owners — not dabblers, hobbyists, or wantrepreneurs. I solely choose to work with those who understand the hustle, have experienced the challenges of launching, operating, and owning a business, and require guidance to expand their brand through networking with other local professionals.

The business coaching industry is oversaturated and my expertise lies in honing the art of strategic relationship building and allowing my clients to tap into the vast potential of referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Through personalized guidance and actionable techniques, I empower business owners to cultivate meaningful and mutually beneficial connections that cut through the noise of competition.

My services provide tailored solutions that enable my clients to stand out and thrive using the tools they need to create a strong and influential network that propels their business to new heights.

Ready to get started and learn how to network & grow your small business in Las Vegas?