Helping Small Businesses in Las Vegas Network with Fellow Entrepreneurs.

Network, Connect & Grow.

Leveling up small businesses in Las Vegas

Whether you recently launched your business, or you’re looking to expand your network and take your longstanding business to the next level, my coaching services will teach you how to form quality business relationships and how to effectively act upon marketing opportunities.

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Hello, I’m Becky.

I am here to help you focus on setting business goals, inspire you to maximize your professional potential, and teach you how to effectively network in Las Vegas.

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My goals are to teach you how to build meaningful business relationships that will increase your brand’s visibility and provide support with essential entrepreneurial resources to effectively market and grow your business.

My coaching services are centered around networking because — while most entrepreneurs and small business owners either shy away from it, see it as a waste of time, put it on the back burner, or simply hate it altogether — it has always been proven to be highly effective for small business owners.

Networking — when done correctly and with the right strategies — expands reach, fosters valuable connections, boosts sales through referrals, enhances brand credibility, and encourages innovation and growth.

You are the expert in your own life and in your business, and as a coach, my role is to help you discover, clarify, and attain what you wish to achieve in your business. I will help you strategize, make sure that you stay motivated, and hold you accountable for your progress so that you are consistently pursuing and accomplishing your desired goals.

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“Becky is a superior networking coach and business strategist! She helped me build my confidence and work the room at networking events, along with teaching me how to build the right connections with genuine professionals, and how to avoid wasting time with the “wantrepreneurs” who tend to ruin the whole networking experience. Within a short period of time, my anxiety went away, and I built several fruitful business relationships using her strategies. If you’re ready to step your game up, hire Becky!”

– Nancy Gabriel, Owner of Mediation Around The Table

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Why Becky?

Because just like you, I also own a small business in Las Vegas. And, I once despised networking — however, I eventually fell in love with it once I mastered how to do it effectively using various strategies (through trial and error, of course). I want to help other small businesses in Las Vegas do the same.

Networking has helped my profits grow and has allowed me to develop amazing business relationships in this little-big city in the desert.

Long Story Short…

In the past 3 decades, I’ve owned several businesses. I currently own and operate the Beacon Center®, a meeting and event venue rental company I launched in 2015.

I’m a proud Vegas Chamber President’s Club Member and I attend at least 5 networking events every week — yup, I went from hating it to becoming a network junkie, and you can too!

Want the short story long? Learn more about my background to see if we’re a good fit for each other, and book your free 15-minute virtual coffee chat.